Who Wouldnt be Seduced by intense, yet not overpowering scent of IRIS !!

A Perfume of Exquisite delicacy that invites you to dance while leaving a gentle smell behind. A Delight For All Senses.


Created by Volk Luxury, the Floral Fragrance INFUSION IRIS is a unisex perfume full of sparkling vitality that highlight the natural beauty of every man and woman. 

this classy fragrance combines various olfactory notes, including iris pallida from morocco, mandrian from italy, patchouli from indonesia.


The harmonious blend of fruity ingredients gives birth to a seductive scent in an elegent perfume bottle, its soft touch turns this floral fragrance into a metaphor the colorfull art of falling in love.



Top : blackcurrant

Heart : Iris Flower

Base : Patchouli