Extreme Rufus New Virgen Of Lupos Rufus perfume with Intoxicating grip captures a rarified air
Opulent and venomous, Refus is a dangerously seductive scent featuring the obsessive caress of amber and suede and the velvet breath of rose and Styrax. Inspired by the thunderous sillage of Parisian scents from decades past, Refus opens with an arresting blast of crisp neroli,and electric nutmeg.


Once it's grabbed your attention, sweet davana and opulent rose absolute take wing, under a veil of rich, syrupy amber. In the sultry smooth base, creamy vanilla and hypnotic sandalwood further the seduction, entwining us entirely in its clutches. Intense and rapturous, you won't be able to escape Refus and that's a wonderful thing



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